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Dolphin Drops – Connection with the consciousness of the Dolphin kingdom


Alchemy Essence – 6th dimension vibrational remedy

Alchemy essence- Dolphin Drops- The crystalline Light

This essence strengthens the connection with the consciousness of the kingdom of the Dolphins. The dolphin and whale are incredible beings masters who bring huge amounts of Crystalline Light to the planet. These cetaceans are highly evolved and are on earth to help mankind in an excellent way.

These beautiful beings hold countless roles, the most important of which is to anchor the light to the ocean waters who occupy two thirds of the planet Earth.

The Dolphin is within you, to a subconscious level and called to awaken the divinity of the True Self. He speaks to humanity of joy, of freedom innate and manifested the spirit of Unconditional Love.

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is one method to transform matter. Ailight Alchemy Line cosmic elixir consists of specially designed to prolong the existence of the individual while maintaining its high level of energy. The essences have been made by the famous alchemist Antony Cooper.

Instructions for use

Type: Alchemy vibrational liquid remedy

Fragrance: light and delicate fragrance

Package: roll on 10 ml with elegant graphic cover

Instructions for use:

Put a few drops on the hands / wrists and breathe the essence aroma from the hands for at least 3 times. To use 2 times a day.


• The Essence can be used whenever it is deemed necessary.
• It is advisable to seek the opinion of the treating physician, before the essence, in the case of pregnancy, high blood pressure, seizures, epilepsy.
• The instructions and information provided are not intended to replace any medical treatment.
• Protocols usage refer to the book “The Cosmic Colour Code” written by Antony Cooper.
• What is reported it is due to knowledge of oriental disciplines and to notions of vibrational medicine.
• Avoid contact with eyes. In the event, immediately rinse thoroughly with warm water.
For external use only.


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