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Discover the secret how we create love emotions with colour brain



by Iliana Manfredi – 160 pages (italian only)
We all want to know Love, live it and feel it!

But it is not so simple, you need a guide to navigate inside your emotions, to take the best and avoid going to “slam”.

Writing about Eros and Love may seem rather pretentious because they embrace vast concepts, but many things are possible through the energy of color.
Making love is an art and through the pages of this book you will find many suggestions to learn more about yourself and make your relationship alive and brilliant. It doesn’t change whether you are straight or homo. Love is a colorful language just like color and you will discover that there is not only a chance to love, but there are seven different modes, which will make your life alive and brilliant. Living in color is possible, it starts from the most pleasant side, love!

The book is a multi-sensory journey, which goes through 4 fundamental stages of life, or the most important periods – the child from 0-6 years – the boy 7-14 years – the teenager 14-21 years and then the adult over 21 years. Our ability to love in adulthood is given by the experience of the first three stages. Who are you? how did you live adolescence is the most delicate and important period that determines your ability to love!

The sensory development of the various intelligences, governed by colors, are the starting point, the start of a transformation process during which you find yourself and the pleasure of living life and living love.

Through the pages of this book you will discover how to make your relationships live and exciting every single day of your life. You will discover the 7 Arts of Love in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual variations.

You will understand who is the perfect partner for you, because you can only choose some combinations, while with the others there is no affinity.

Start with the love test – Love Test – and find out how your power to love works.

The colorful language of Love is something you have never thought of and will change your thinking about physical, mental and spiritual Love forever.

ISBN 979-12-200-2413-6

Notes on the author

Iliana Manfredi
The Art of Living the Light of Colors. The Rainbow of colors is a bridge to light. We can evolve with the Energy of Colors to develop Creativity.
The art of experiencing colors represents a profound pleasure.

Researcher and Founder of the School on Color Energy, Color Coach, Color Therapist and Educator has been conducting studies on the development of human potential for over thirty years. Journalist and writer, she conducts courses, seminars, individual coaching, through the study of the Energy of Sound and Color

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