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Accordo Rosa – Body Oil – Regenerating effect on skin and tissue


Harmonies of Colour body oil – with essential oil of Damask Rose coded to the rose colour frequency

Colour harmonies for the beauty of body and soul

Armonie di colore is the new body vibrational oils line designed for the harmonious beauty of body and soul.

Regenerating body oil for the skin with anti-aging effect with essential oil of Damask Rose.
Rose energy has a regenerating effect on the soul and skin. The colour Rose is the anti-ageing agent par excellence. The oil has a highly regenerating effect on the skin, excellent against wrinkles, stretch marks, couperose.

Colour harmonies are a valuable and skillful blend of oils and pure essences rich of regenerating  nutrients for your skin and your energy centers. You will discover the pleasure to shine, to find beauty, freshness and joy of living.

Think about your body as a sublime sound instrument that only with the right chord… generates the luminous beauty that shakes your body in harmony.



Properties and benefits of the essential oil of rose damask

Balancing the female hormonal system. If massaged on the abdomen, calm spasms in case of menstrual pain and stems bleeding. Indicated in disorders related to hormonal imbalances, anxiety and irritability that characterize the premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

Soothing, suitable for all skin types, soothes the inflamed skin or delicate. In cases of sensitive skin, dry or mature plays an astringent, toning and anti-wrinkle. It is useful to prepare the skin shortly before giving birth and to protect it even after, it prevents prolapse and the tendency to abortion.

Invigorating tonic against sexual asthenia, useful for the couple’s massage or a relaxing bath with aphrodisiac effect: it is the love and eroticism oil because it brings out the inner beauty and mitigates conflicts infusing peace and happiness.

Soul and Psyche
Harmonizing, if inhaled, opens and strengthens the heart, the rose essential oil relaxes the soul and activates predisposition to tenderness and love, because it develops patience, devotion and self-esteem. He brings joy and drives away negative thoughts, balancing negative emotions provoked by anger, jealousy and stress. The essence fragrance is a wonderful support, psychologically and physically in pregnancy: excellent to accompany women during birth and welcome the newcomer with gentleness and love. Menopausal helps soothe depression and sadness.


Physical properties
Accordo Rosa oil can be used as a  skin regenerative oil, great for eliminating the exfoliation of the skin after sunbathing. This oil has nourishing properties suitable for combination skin or dry skin; It has properties to reduce redness of broken capillaries.

Instructions for Use
Accordo Rosa can be used all over the body after bathing or showering.
Excellent as an after bath paired with a spa treatment in bathtub with pink, indigo and violet colour water.


Instructions for use

Type: vibrational body oil

Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance of lavender

Size: available 125 ml bottles

Instructions for Use:

Accordo Rosa can be used all over the body after bathing or showering.
Excellent pairing after bath or shower pink, indigo and violet water colour.

For a more synergistic effect you can add to the bottle 10 drops of Pink Colour Chakra oil.

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