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3rd Chakra – Yellow Tone


Chakra Vibrational Essence – Yellow 3rd Chakra – TONE – Suitable for those who have difficulty making decisions, difficulty in “digesting” even the emotions and difficulty in letting go.

Use the essence to:

  • Feel and develop your personal power
  • Develop your decision-making ability
  • Accept yourself without criticism and / or judgment
  • Develop will and self-esteem
  • Help physical and emotional digestion

Vibrational Essence for the Chakras – Yellow 3rd Chakra – Will, personal power, ability to make decisions


The characteristics of a strong Solar Plexus Chakra are a healthy awareness of our identity and personal power. The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about “me”: it’s about our self-esteem, ego, personal power, will, responsibility and “gut” intuition. You know who you are, you possess your personal power and you take responsibility for your life.

The qualities that represent the Solar Plexus Chakra are almost opposite to those of the Sacral Chakra: the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra is logical rather than artistic, sophisticated rather than innocent, suspicious rather than trusting, and accountable rather than commitment-free. 

The Sacral Chakra follows the identity of the right hemisphere of the brain, while the Solar Plexus Chakra follows the modus pensandi of the left hemisphere.

The person with a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra lives all aspects of life with genuine peace and deep harmony, because they have taken full responsibility for their life and have allowed others to do the same with theirs: an attitude based on the philosophy of “live and let live”. Typically, these people have an accommodating personality; they are responsible, dependable, and have the ability to meet whatever challenges come their way.

Note E physically supports the small intestine, liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gallbladder, autonomic nervous system, muscles, and lumbar region.

The only line of vibrational essences for the chakras that works on the Main Chakras (TONI) and the connecting bridges between each Chakra (SEMITONI).

Evolved Alchemical Line for the rebalancing of the Chakra system, created to rebalance the Main Chakras (TONE) and the link/communication ring between one Chakra and the other (SEMITON). You can buy the products as a pair (recommended solution) or as one (Activate chat for help).

The simplest and most effective way to rebalance the body is through the use of COLORS and SOUNDS. Life is colors and sounds and they bring life to the earth. Sound can be used to interact with other energies and often augments or amplifies the energies with which it is infused. Colors and sounds help restore balance, relieve pain, and accelerate healing of the body.

Essences are vibrational remedies that work on subtle energies, created with the healing vibration of sound from crystal bells, whole notes and semitones of the harmonic scale, including the equivalent color.

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