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Informed Micellar Water – Wa 10


Tone your skin, give tone to your life!

Informed micellar water, make-up remover and sebum-balancing: it cleans, refreshes and tones the skin for a face and a neckline always at the height of every occasion

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Informed micellar water – makeup remover and sebum balancing – 125ml

The revolution in beauty treatments with the new epigenetic crystal-informed products

Wa 10 is an epigenetic product with an innovative technology that cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin for a face and a décolleté always living up to every occasion.

Which are the ingredients?

Informed water, Chamomile extract, Lavender angustifoglia essential oil, Malva silvestris leaf extract, Rosa Centifoglia

What are the effects?

Wa 10 micellar water effectively removes make-up and impurities from your face. It has a rebalancing function, perfect for all skin types, even acne and hyperactive ones.

Vibrations (codes) have been inserted into the water crystal contained in the product, which cleanse, refresh and tone the skin of the face and decollete. The camomile extract inside stimulates the function of the microcirculation and the activity of fibroblasts with promotion of the synthesis of collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid, thus favoring the repair of the epidermis and the dermis. Its benefits are amplified by the presence of Lavandula Angusifolia, which has calming, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cicatrizing and analgesic properties, and from the extract of the leaves of Malva Silvestris which has moisturizing, emollient and anti-reddening properties. In addition, the Rosa Centifoglia has a powerful effect of renewing the cellular process.

Tips for use

To obtain a correct cleaning of the face, neck and decollete, it is recommended to apply Wa 10 on a cotton pad and proceed with cleaning. The effectiveness of the product is easily visible from the first applications, because it brings the skin back to the ideal balance; the constant and rhythmic use guarantees the consolidation of the results achieved and a preventive action on the degenerative skin processes.

The products used are based on a highly innovative technology operating principle: codes have been inserted into the water crystals to re-activate the cellular structure to repair damage caused by external factors. Informed water-based mixtures have a strong regenerative capacity.

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