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6th Chakra – Indigo Tone


Vibrational Essence – Indigo 6th Chakra Note A – Intuition – Mysticism – Understanding

Vibrational Essence – Indigo 6th Chakra Note A – Intuition – Mysticism – Understanding

The characteristics of a balanced Front Chakra are the use of the power of the mind, in connection with the process of manifestation. The Front Chakra allows you to connect with the energy of the world regardless of the five senses. Experiencing intuition teaches you to go beyond outer appearance to find your deepest truth, cultivating your creativity and knowledge. 

Nothing is what it seems. 

Through the Forehead Chakra we can open ourselves to the universal creative energy, which allows us to move towards the fulfillment of the goals we have set for ourselves in life.

The person with a strong Forehead Chakra is open to information about his or her purpose in life, and trusts deeply in their intuitive abilities. These people have developed a deep level of understanding, intuition, imagination, wisdom and enlightenment. Their ego and soul are in balance. They are able to create their lives and fulfill their dreams in tune with their highest good.

Note A supports the face, ears, eyes, sinuses and nervous system on a physical level.

The only line of vibrational essences for the chakras that works on the Main Chakras (TONS) and the connecting bridges between each Chakra (SEMITONS).

Evolved Alchemical Line for the rebalancing of the Chakra system, created to rebalance the Main Chakras (TONE) and the link/communication ring between one Chakra and the other (SEMITON). You can buy the products as a couple (recommended solution) or as one (Activate chat for help).

The simplest and most effective way to rebalance the body is through the use of COLORS and SOUNDS. Life is colors and sounds and they bring life to the earth. Sound can be used to interact with other energies and often augments or amplifies the energies with which it is infused. Colors and sounds help restore balance, relieve pain, and accelerate healing of the body.

Essences are vibrational remedies that work on subtle energies, created with the healing vibration of sound from crystal bells, whole notes and semitones of the harmonic scale, including the equivalent color.

Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Packaging: Available 60 ml spray.

The stock elixir hold the imprint of sound, colour , crystals, gems , of sacred geometry , the ancient symbols and vibrations of positive words . The addition of aromas complete the formulation of the Essences with Sounds for the chakras. The notes C , D, E , F, G , A and B at resonate with the seven main chakras. The five semitones C#, E♭, F#, G# e B♭ act as a bridge between the seven chakras in the back of the body , supporting the transition points between the vertebrae of the spine.

Instruction for use:

Simply mist your aura with the spray 2 times a day for 21 days locally. Also can be used to change the energy in a room and to program gemstones.

The product can be used by therapists and masseurs with other technical specifications.

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