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Beth 33 Face Cream – Antiaging, lifting and rebalancing


Give yourself a timeless face!

Beth 33 Informed Crystal antiaging face cream for a rebalancing, nourishing, rejuvenating and lifting treatment of your face

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Anti-age face cream BETH 33 – 50 ml

The revolution in beauty treatments with the new epigenetic crystal-informed products

Beth 33 deeply nourishes your skin giving a lifting effect for a timeless face!

Thanks to an innovative technology, in the crystal of the aqueous component of the emulsiogel have been inserted vibrations (codes) that allow the activation of the filamentous proteins of the muscles in the treated areas (myosin and actin).

Its action of Antiage gives a visible lifting effect even after a few applications, in addition to a deep nourishment of the skin. Your face will be luminous, you will recover the elasticity of its fabric and you will see your face rejuvenated.

Beth 33 is ideal for a rebalancing, nourishing, rejuvenating and lifting face treatment.

The set of vibrations inserted in its crystal allows the energetic and functional strength of the cosmetic to be raised to the umpteenth power. Its benefits are amplified by the presence of the following ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: slows down the processes of premature aging and protects from photoinduced damage;
  • Vitamin C: improves impure skin and reduces age spots;
  • Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant;
  • Ceratonia Siliqua: it has emollient, moisturizing and anti-free radical properties;
  • Hamamelis Aromatic Distilled Water: has astringent properties, heals from inflammation, promotes skin healing;
  • Extracted plankton: repairs in case of exposure to UV radiation;
  • Lectin: hydrates, reduces peeling and helps restore skin elasticity;
  • Jarulonic acid: moisturizes and protects the tissues, maintains the hydrolipidic balance;
  • Coezima Q10: strong antioxidant action and protection against free radicals;
  • Rose Water: tones and fights excess sebum.

Tips for use

Apply the cream directly to your face, neck and decollete, morning and evening. Due to its light structure, it can be applied as a make-up base, or before any other specific cream. In case of specific need, it may be useful to intensify its use. The effectiveness of the product is easily visible from the first applications: the constant and rhythmic use ensures the consolidation of the results achieved and a preventive action on the degenerative skin processes.

Combine Beth 33 with the Ka 11 moisturizing / regenerating cream and with the Dalet spry illuminating essence for a result that will brighten your face and your days.




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