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Vibrational immune protection remedy for the global community It keeps the energetic vibration of the body high and compact, in…
Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser- Alchemy Essence - 6th dimension vibrational remedy
Bring your Soul to the Flower of his Life! Flower of life will make your roots stronger allowing you to…
Discover the joy of living to the fullest! Aura Gioia cleans and protects your auric field, supporting you emotionally and…
Abundance – Abbondanza

Abundance – Abbondanza

Colour-Sound spray essence for Aura. Bring Abundance in all aspects of life
Stargate N.6

Stargate N.6

Rewaken the Secrets of Life! 
 This essence "reminds" your cells of your original state of good health, bringing you…
Face life with positivity and realize your desires! Think Positive brings your thoughts to the positive part of life, tuning…
Bring your Soul to a higher vibrational level! Spiral Energy is tuned to the DFA note # which will help…
Follow the path the Universe has created for you! Secrets from the Universe helps you to abandon convictions that limit…
Project yourself towards the infinity of your Soul! With Infinity you will increase your ability to be centered on all…
Make the dream of meeting the authentic Love come true, illuminating your Soul! Desire of Love is the powerful essence…
Colour-Sound spray essence - Wonderment for the Moment. A waterfall of love for your Heart

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